RadStar Alpha Continuous Radon Monitor

RadStar AlphaRadStar Alpha

The new RadStar Alpha Series continuous radon monitors will revolutionize the way you think about managing your radon testing business. The Alpha Series of RadStar CRMs modernizes our proven RadStar measurement technology and provides the industry with modern communications tools, mobility, and the ability to manage your radon testing business through our custom cloud portal (Radon Management Cloud) designed specifically for the needs of radon professionals.

RadStar Alpha Features

  • 3 Models Available at 3 Sensitivity Levels  RadStar Alpha Chart
  • Radon, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure
  • Bluetooth LE and USB
  • Report in pCi/L and Bq/m3
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Store up to 5 Tests in Memory
  • Rugged and Durable Design
  • 1 year limited warranty

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RadStar Alpha Radon Monitor

Radon Management Cloud

The Radon Management Cloud is the web-hosted application that will provide you access to manage your company's users, test details, and reporting features.  We have developed both a mobile application and a desktop application you will use in the field to start, stop and synchronize your radon test results to the Radon Management Cloud.

The Radon Management Cloud is compatible for use with all RadStar Alpha Models and: RadStar Alpha

  • RadStar Alpha 310
  • RadStar Alpha 516
  • RadStar Alpha 830
  • RadStar RS300
  • RadStar RS800
  • Sun Nuclear 1027

Management Cloud Functions Include:

  • Manage, in one place, all tests performed by your company
  • Customize and standardize report content and layouts for your company
  • Customize email notifications to your customers
  • Manage Administrator and Tester users within your company
  • Online storage and backup


Mobile: The Radon Management Cloud will be available for all iOS and Android mobile devices, including phones and tablets.
Desktop: The desktop app will be available for use with Windows PCs.

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RadStar Alpha's RMC Mobile App is integrated with Inspection Support Network (ISN) 

ISN Integration

Inspection Support Network and Spruce Environmental Technologies have formed a strategic partnership in order to provide our customers with an integrated software approach for radon testing.

  • Customize Inspection Types and/or Services Trigger Orders to be sent to the RMC
  • Select ISN orders from within the RMC mobile application when starting a radon test
  • Post official radon reports as Attachments to Orders in ISN automatically
  • Email radon reports to interested parties pulled from your ISN orders & more!

NOTE: RadStars are not available in New Jersey.
Visit www.radstaralpha.com for further product information, FAQs, screenshots, accessories and more.