Test Kit Web Forms

Our new web forms allow you to submit your test kit information from our website, directly to our lab, rather than filling out paper forms and sending through the mail. This process expedites the laboratory reporting services, allows for more electronic data controls, and decreases typing errors.

Single Family Testing

This form can be used with all of the AccuStar air and water test devices. By entering your data at the start of the test you can choose to set up end of test reminders so make sure that your radon test is completed on time. Click here to be directed to the form: https://accustarlabs.com/register

Multifamily & School Project Testing

The project form is an Excel spreadsheet template that is designed to help with data validation and ensure that all of the testing placement and retrieval data is complete. Once the devices have been picked up at the end of the test the spreadsheet is submitted to the laboratory. Users with log-in accounts on our website can use the Upload Project tool that validates the data integrity. If you do not have an account, you can call our Customer Service Team for assistance in creating your log-in.

Click here to download the template.