Test Kit Instructions

For Radon In Air

In order to ensure the most accurate results, please see the instructions below.

Step 1 - Prepare the House for Testing

In order to provide a valid test result, the test must be performed under Closed House Conditions. Maintain these conditions in the home for 12 hours before the test and during the exposure period:

  • Keep all exterior doors closed except for normal entry and exit.
  • Keep all windows closed
  • Leave radon mitigation systems operating
  • Set HVAC Systems on “Auto” and set window units to recirculate. Dehumidifiers may be operated.
  • Do not operate whole house exhaust fans
  • Do not operate wood or coal stoves (unless they are the primary source of heat).

Unusual weather conditions affect test results. Do not perform the test during sustained high winds or heavy rain. Do not test when indoor air temperature is less than 50°F or greater than 90°F. Do not test when indoor humidity is less than 20% rh or greater than 90% rh. Results will be invalid.

Step 2 - Select the Test Area

  • Perform the test in the lowest area of the home that could be used regularly, whether it is finished or unfinished.
  • Choose an area that could be used as a bedroom, play area, family room, den, exercise room, or workshop, but not a kitchen or bathroom or any area with high humidity.
  • Do not test in closets or crawl spaces
  • Find a location that is at least 3 feet from any door, wall or window, 2 feet from the floor or ceiling, and 4 inches from other objects.
  • Do not place test devices directly under blowing air.
  • If this test is associated with the purchase or sale of a home, the AARST-ANSI Time-SensitiveTesting Protocol recommends 2 devices to be placed side by side, 4 inches apart in the selected test area.

Step 3 - Perform the Test

Do not open the devices until you are ready to test.

  • Check devices for expiration dates. Start your test before device expires or results will be invalid.
  • Remove test devices from the box. Take off the lid from each test device. Save the box for returning devices to the Lab.
  • Leave each device open for at least 48 hours. Do not touch or move devices during the test.
  • If you leave devices open for less than 48 hours or more than 96 hours the results will be invalid. You will need to buy another test kit and repeat the test.
  • After 48 hours, securely replace the lid of each device.
  • If using the metal charcoal canister, replace the original lid and wrap the tape provided around the closed canister where the base meets the lid. Do not cover device numbers with tape.

Step 4 - Complete the Data Sheet

It is very important to fully complete the Radon Test Data Sheet.

To access a copy of your radon test report on our website, you must record the Zip Code of the Property Tested on the Radon Test Data Sheet.

Note: If information is missing from the Data Sheet, or if you do not send back the Data Sheet with the devices, you will receive a report stating that we cannot provide your test results. You may send any missing information to us in writing at a later time (mail, email or fax required) and we will issue an Amended Test Report.

Amended Test Reports take 5 business days.

There is an additional fee for a Same-Day Amended Test Report, payable by credit card.

Step 5 - Return Devices Immediately

  • Place closed test devices and the completed Data Sheet back into the box and send it to AccuStar right away.
  • AccuStar must receive the test devices within 8 days after you complete the test.
  • Your test results will be invalid if we receive test devices more than 8 days after you complete the test.

Checklist for a Successful Test

  • Did you follow all instructions and fill out the Data Sheet completely?
  • Did you keep a record of your device number(s) and the Zip Code of the property tested?
  • Did you send your test kit with the completed Data Sheet to AccuStar Labs immediately after you finished the test?

Test Results 24 Hours a Day

Call our Radon Test Results Line at 888-404-3144 to check whether we received your kit, and for verbal test results.

You must have your device numbers to receive test results.

On the next business day after AccuStar receives the test kit, we will e-mail or mail your radon test report to the person indicated on the Data Sheet.

You can access a copy of the report on our website

Feel free to call us at 888-480-8812 with any questions you may have. Our business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday.

Thank you for choosing AccuStar Labs.