About AccuStar

AccuStar,  along with RadonAway, the worlds leading manufacturer of radon fans, is a brand of Spruce Environmental Technologies and has been a pioneer in the radon industry for over 15 years.

AccuStar Labs provides accurate, easy to use radon testing products and radon training programs for professionals. Our products and laboratories are NELAP and NRSB certified, and licensed in all States that have such requirements. Our customers also appreciate AccuStar Labs' prompt, courteous service.

Contact AccuStar Labs for:

  • Radon Test Kits -- Air and Water
  • Short term test results reported within 1 business day of receipt by our lab
  • Reports via mail, e-mail, internet or 24-hour toll free telephone
  • RadStar Continuous Radon Monitor
  • Radon Training for Professional Certification