Which number is the device number on the canister? Is it the number on top or on the bottom of the canister?

The number on the white label located on the lid of the canister is the device number.

When will I get my canister test results?

Turnaround time depends upon daily laboratory capacity. If you have a large number of devices to return contact the Lab on your data sheet for an estimated report date.

AccuStar Lebanon, PA and AccuStar Ward Hill, MA

  • Typical turnaround time is same business day for professional radon testers if canister is received before noon, Eastern time

Is it ok if I switch the lids of the canisters?

No, it is not okay to switch the lids. It is recommended when using more than one canister in the same area that the lid is placed next to the canister or taped to the bottom of the canister during testing so the lid is not accidentially switched and put on the wrong device when the test is complete. Each can is weighed during manufacturing and this original weight and the weight of the returned canister are used to calculate a result.

Too much weight gain will invalidate the results.

I lost the tape for my charcoal canisters? What do I do?

You may use black electrical tape to seal the canister.

I just received my canister results and they are invalid due to excessive weight gain. What does that mean?

Your results are invalid because high humidity has affected this device. The water molecules in the air attached themselves to the charcoal, leaving no room for the radon to do the same. If you have received an invalid result due to excessive weight gain you’ll have to redo the test. If there is visable moisture in the area we recommend that you wait for the area to dry out first.

Can I get "rush" canister results?

Expedited lab processing for your canister radon test is available, depending on laboratory capacity.  Additional charges may apply.  Please call the lab on your data sheet for more information.