Short Term Radon Test Kits

AccuStar's short term radon test kits are used for the initial screening of a home for the level of radon gas. These radon test kits are also ideal for assessing the performance of a Radon Mitigation system.

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Long Term Radon Test Kits

AccuStar's Alpha Track radon test kits are used for long term radon testing. The long term test gives a better representation of the radon concentration over different seasons and building conditions. Exposure time is typically between 3 and 12 months.

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Nebraska residents call 800-523-4964 for special pricing.

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Call Accustar at 888-480-8812 for NJ test kits.

Real Estate Radon Test Kits

When performing a test for a real estate transation, speed and accuracy are critically important. AccuStar's short term radon tests can be conducted within 2-4 days and results are available online and via email within 1 day of the labs' receipt of the testing device.

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Call Accustar at 888-480-8812 for NJ test kits.

Radon in Water Test Kits

Radon in water may contribute to the level of airborne radon in your home and increase the risk of developing radon-induced lung cancer. It is highly recommended that every home with a private well is tested for radon.

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RadStar Continuous Radon Monitors

RadStar continuous monitors are verified by the US EPA and included in the NEHA NRPP certification program. Your RadStar purchase or lease includes software to transfer your radon test data to a PC or laptop, and a USB / Serial adapter cable.


Not Available in New Jersey

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RadStar Coninuous Radon Monitors are available for purchase or rent.

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IN THE NEWS: AccuStar and RadonAway Products Featured in Boston News Report

On February 14, 2013 the Boston ABC-TV affiliate, WCVB, telecast a news report on radon. The report, which was a result of the recent "Capital Steps to Radon Action" CanSAR event at the State House in Boston, gave state and national radon statistics and included interviews with Capital Steps organizer Margie Lynch and David Rossinow, a home inspector and event participant. (For more details on the Capital Steps event, see the previous News post by scrolling down on this page.)

During this news segment, Rossinow explained radon testing methods and demonstrated the use of a continuous radon monitor, using a RadStar RS800 for his demonstration; an AccuStar LS air test kit was among the short-term tests shown later in the report. Toward the end of the segment the focus turned to radon mitigation, with the camera showing a portion of an installed radon mitigation system, including a view of the system pipe, where a RadonAway Dynameter u-tube manometer was clearly visible.

Click here to view this WCVB video.


UPS Return Label Service

Send your test kits to AccuStar's labs for analysis using prepaid UPS shipping. With this service offered by AccuStar, you can drop off your test kits at UPS locations and track your shipments online at ups.com. Contact us for ordering information.

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Professional Training for Radon Professionals

AccuStar Labs, along with RadonAway™ and Spruce Environmental Technologies, have developed a series of highly regarded training courses for radon professionals, home inspectors and others who would like to enter this exciting and challenging field.

Courses available in classrooms and online.  Learn More >>

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